Hey, I’m Jason 👋. Buckle up for a story.

I’m the founder of Firebrew, a small business on a mission to do big things with craft beer and beyond. If you ever get in touch, or need any help, there’s a good chance you’ll reach me directly!

I started Firebrew in June 2020, during the pandemic, after a year of preparation. I love craft beer and not too long before had made the switch from the classic lager you could pick up anywhere, to crisp, delicious craft beer.

My love for this new discovery eventually evolved into Firebrew. I wanted to regularly find great craft beer, from small local breweries, that matched my own preferences.

But, my experience of choosing a beer to try usually was based on “Which has a low abv?” and “Which looks light?”, and it didn’t always hit the mark.

At work, we had a beer subscription. Friday afternoons were all about winding down for the week, grabbing the beer box and catching up with the team. We loved it. But we didn’t always love the beer.

What if this subscription box could be tailored to our team? Our own personalised profiles, with a beer selected for each of us?

Fast forward 18 months and Firebrew was born, with a tailored recommendations engine that did an awesome job of picking craft beer I loved from answering a few simple questions. The engine is still evolving and learning to this day, getting better and better.

We launched our first subscription box, and hearing feedback from our subscribers has honestly been one of the most rewarding parts of my whole experience launching Firebrew.

Our statement is simple. Craft beer done right.

Firebrew now stocks over 50 great breweries, and our range grows every week. Every brewery I speak to shows their passion for getting great craft beer in the hands of the people.

Feeling like reaching out? I love a good chat. Whether you have a brewery recommendation, an awesome idea you’d like to see at Firebrew or just to talk about craft, you can reach me directly at jason@firebrew.co.uk.

Cheers! 🍻